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Type of Visa

There are 33 categories of visas in Japan, it is very complicated and difficult to understand. Even in applying for visa, it is important whether you know the immigration law or not. Therefore, I will explain representative things from the status of residence.

Permanent / Naturalized

For both permanent residence and naturalization, the need for visa renewal disappears and there are other benefits.

Family / Spouse visa

When you married a Japanese and I will explain the procedure for calling their family to Japan in order to .

Typical employment

There are many types and it is complicated. Let's explain in detail such as technology, humanities, etc.


It is necessary in going to school, such as vocational school, university etc. In our office we will do a student discount for visa extension.

Researcher / Instructor / Professor

It is necessary in working at Japanese research facilities and various educational institutions.

Artist / Entertainer / Religious Act.

It is a special visa for the artist, the performer in the stage and missionary to Japan.

Investor / Manager

It is used not only to create a company by yourself but to join a Japanese company as an executive manager.

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Our Service

We do various services concerning visa application.But only service for visa consultation and document preparation until the completion of applicant intermediary training (around June). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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We answer questions about Visa, our service. I hope you find it helpful.

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About Us

Our office is a professional dealing with visa application in Japan.

Although you can apply for a visa by yourself even if you do not know the immigration law, the probability that you will receive a visa is very low. Please leave it to us who are familiar with the immigration law and immigration office.


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