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Resident Card Receiving agency

 At our office, we can receive your resident card instead of you to Shinagawa Immigration Office!! (This is a trial service started on January 28, 2020))

 We will go to get your residence card on your behalf, for example, if you have a postcard for permission to extend or change, but you're busy working and can't receive your residence card etc.

 In addition, we provide after-sales services of consultations on visa status. - What should one do to apply for a permanent residence? - Consultation such as is also possible.

*We are very sorry, but we do not accept residence card receiving services outside Shinagawa Immigration Office.

Resident card receiving agency

・What is an order of the service?

 Normally, we will proceed with application in the following order. If you have any questions, please tell me each time.


 If you have a postcard to permit your extension or changing application, but it is difficult to go to Immigration Office on your own, please contact our office via the mail, LINE or the inquiry form. We do not accept telephone consultations for this service.

2、Receive documents

 We will receive the original passport and residence card, the acceptance paper received at the time of application, and the postcard notifying for permission.
 At this time, you will need to sign a fee payment document and a letter of authorization to receive your residence card.

 The receiving place is basically our office in Takadanobaba, but by adding travel fee (total transportation fee + 1000 yen / time required), We will travel to near your office or your home etc.

3、Receiving a residence card

 We go to Shinagawa Immigration and receive a residence card.

4、After Care

 Passing your new residence card and passport to you, it is the end. At this time, it is possible to consult about a visa problem, for example, about the route to the permanent residence application etc. We would like you to clear up the doubts about visa applications.

・How much is the fee?

Location for receiving Fee Remarks
our office 10,000 yen (tax included) The application fee (4000 yen) is included!!
Workplace, home, etc. 10,000 yen + travel fee (tax included) The travel cost is from Takadanobaba, “the actual cost of transportation + 1000 yen / time”

 Fee estimation example:
 Receiving a resident card 10,000 yen + travel fee 900 yen (200 yen to Tokyo Station x 2 + round-trip 30 minutes 500 yen) = 10900 yen

 As mentioned above, it is only for receiving the resident card at the Shinagawa Tokyo Immigration and Resident Management Bureau.

 If you are not sure whether a postcard from immigration is permitted or not, please contact us.

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Our office is a professional dealing with visa application in Japan.

Although you can apply for a visa by yourself even if you do not know the immigration law, the probability that you will receive a visa is very low. Please leave it to us who are familiar with the immigration law and immigration office.


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