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Status of Residence "Student"

What kind of qualification is it?

Visa "Student "is a general visa acquired by a foreigner who wants to go to a university or a vocational school.

Having a Work is not permitted, but by taking activities outside the status of qualification, work up to 28 hours a week, in other words, part-time jobs, will be accepted. Therefore, it is usual to apply for permission for a part-time jobs if you can get a visa for study.

In the application, it is necessary to carefully explain how to pay living expenses.

Moreover, it is permitted to go to school with work visa (only school at night or weekends) or family visa. In such cases, you can attend school without a permission.

Who can apply?

There are two conditions that apply to all foreigners trying to land at a study visa.

A. Applicant must apply to a Japanese university or equivalent institution, a specialized curriculum of a vocational school, an institution that educates to enter a Japanese university for a student who has completed 12 years of school education in a foreign country, or a technical college of higher education and receive education.

B. Applicants must enter the university in Japan and receive education exclusively at night at the graduate school.

C. If the applicant will go to a high school in Japan or a high school of a special support high school, a junior high school  or a special support junior high school, an elementary school, a special support elementary school, a high school of a vocational school or a general Enroll in educational institutions.

To have sufficient assets, scholarships and other means to support the expenses required by daily living during the period when the applicant stay in Japan. Provided, however, that this shall not apply to cases other than the applicant pays the applicant's living expenses.

And depending on the institution receiving education, there are five different standards to be applied.

In the case where the applicant receives education exclusively as a auditor, the applicant falls under item A or B at i above, receives the permission of admission based on the entrance selection conducted by the educational institution and to attend the institution more than 10 hours per week.

Must be 20 years of age or younger and have received Japanese language education or education in Japanese for at least 1 year in educational institution. However, if a student is accepted as a student based on a student exchange plan formulated by an institution, an independent administrative agency, a national university corporation, a school corporation, a public interest incorporated corporation corporation, or a public foundation corporation of Japan or similar international exchange plan of Japan or a local public entity, this is not the case.

When the applicant intends to receive education at the junior high school or a special support junior high school or an elementary school school or special support elementary school, it falls under all of the following. However, if a student is accepted as a student based on the student exchange plan formulated by the institution of Japan or local public entity, independent administrative agency, national university corporation, school corporation or public interest incorporated corporation or trade company corporation or other similar international exchange plan, it does not need to fall under (a) and (b).

 (a) The age must be 17 years old or younger
 (b) The age is 14 or less when trying to receive education at elementary school
 (c) There is someone to cured him/her in Japan
 (d) There is a full-time staff member assigned to educational institutions in charge of foreign students or the guidance of children's lives
 (e) There is a dormitory with a full-time staff member, or an other accommodations being able to run daily life without hindrance

All of the following are applicable. However, if the applicant engages in activities to receive education at an educational institution established for the purpose of enrolling a considerable number of foreign nationals from foreign countries and applying primary or secondary education in a foreign language, (a) is not required.

A. The applicant must study Japanese language for more than 6 months in a Japanese Language school where the Minister of Justice recognized,or he/she must have enough grade of Japanese language test in order to receive an educational at a vocational school, or he/she has received a education for one year or more at the school prescribed in Article 1 of the School Education Act.
B. The full-time staff who is in charge of guidance of the living of foreign students is placed at the vocational school or various schools.

That Japanese language school is designated by the Minister of Justice.

In case that an educational institution give an education intends to enroll in a Japanese university for a person who has completed 12 years of school education in a foreign country, the institution must be specifies with the notification by the Minister of Justice.

In the case of trying to receive education at an educational institution similar to schools concerning facilities and organization (except Japanese language school), the educational institution shall be determined by the Minister of Justice.

How do I apply?

You can download necessary documents from the Ministry of Justice website.

At the time of application, it is necessary to prove the ability to pay for properly living in Japan, so the review of recent immigration has become very severe. So, you need to attach the documents carefully and neatly.

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