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 We will inform you about a consultation before making a contract and a mini-consulting.

Consultation before request & Consultant

 In the case of a light question such as "What kind of meaning does this document have in this case?", That is, regarding information that can be understood by looking at books and the Internet, I will offer it free of charge.
 It is more reliable, quicker, and accurate information can be obtained free of charge than examining by yourself!

 Regarding consultation that requires information + wisdom, such as "I would like to ask a visa acquisition strategy from visa experts" or "I'm going to apply for it if I listen to only strategy.", I will offer it NOT free ( 5,000 yen ).
 I will make a presentation for detailed strategies that the questioner is satisfied with, and aiming for wonderful after-care . Please use this service.

 Depending on the content of consultation, if you wish to pay service, I will respond promptly after confirming payment in detail.

 In case of face-to-face consultation, I will receive 10,000 yen / hour. Questions etc. after face-to-face consultation are, of course, free. 
 If you make a contract for my service after e-mail consultation or face-to-face consultation, please be assured that the fee paid for a consultation will enter into a fee for visa application.

 As for payment, you can use bank account, postal savings transfer, and paypal settlement (card payment). 
 (Paypal is a secure payment method without a fee ⇒ Official HP


Contact us from here

 I will contact you by e-mail in the shortest one day.

 For titles, please enter the content you would like to know.

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About Us

Our office is a professional dealing with visa application in Japan.

Although you can apply for a visa by yourself even if you do not know the immigration law, the probability that you will receive a visa is very low. Please leave it to us who are familiar with the immigration law and immigration office.


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