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Artist / Entertainer / Religious Act.

Here, I will explain "Artist" for artists, "Entertainer" for sports events and stage performances etc., and "Religious Activities" for foreigners who came to Japan to propagate religion.


Status of Residence "Artist"

What kind of qualification is it?

It is a visa for promoting international exchange in the field of art and accepting musicians, literary scholars and others in order to improve and develop this field in Japan.

Who can apply?

In the Immigration Control Law,it is for income-related music, art, literature and other artistic activities (except for "Entertainer"). I will mention it later, but if you do not earn income you must get a "Cultural Activities" visa.

Specifically, the following artistic activities below.

①Artists such as composers, lyricists, painters, sculptors, craftsmen, writers, photographers who perform creative activities

②Those who provide guidance on music, art, literature, photography, theater, dance, movies and other artistic activities

How do I apply?

You can download necessary documents from the Ministry of Justice website.

As for the application, we need to prove that you have a considerable achievement as a leader in artistic activities and that you can live a stable life in Japan through artistic activities. In other words, there must be income that can live a social life in Japan.

Those that teach arts at universities or the like are "Professor" visas.

Even if it is an artistic activity, if you correspond to a performance such as a musician 's one, you have to get "Entertainer" visa.

Artistic activities without income become "Cultural Activities" visas.

If you are trying to earn income based on a contract in a company, the income is clear, so the difficulty level may be low. However, if you intend to earn income by personal activity, it will be a very difficult task to create a document certifying it. Please leave it to the experts.

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Status of Residence "Entertainer"

What kind of qualification is it?

It provids opportunities to contact foreign cultures, promote international understanding by promoting cultural exchanges, and contribute to the promotion and improvement of Japanese culture and sports.

Who can apply?

People who are engaged in entertainment activities or other entertainment activities such as theater, entertainment, performances, sports etc. can apply.

Specifically, it is including a foreigner, although he/she does not appear or perform, who is essentially needed for performers as a helper.

Singers who appear in bars, cabarets, clubs, choreographers, directors, fashion show designers, film directors, managers, lighting staff, circus animal keepers, sports athletes trainers and so on are also conceivable.

ALL of the following condistion must be OK.

A. The applicant falls under any of the following. However, if the amount of remuneration is over 5 million a day, this condition is not imposed.

a majored in a foreign educational institution for more than two years for subjects involved in that activity

b having experience in a foreign country for over 2 years

B. engaging in activities related to entertainment such as drama based on contracts with Japanese institutions that fall under ALL of the following (requiring monthly remuneration of 200,000 or more)
However, based on a contract with an agency that operates a restaurant that mainly serves foreign national cuisine (excluding facilities that operate business stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the "Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses "),if you are engaged in activities related to folk music's singing dance or performance, receiving 200,000 yen or more monthly, these conditions don't apply.

a There are managers who have a total of over 3 years of experience on business related to the entertainment of foreigners.

b Hiring full-time employees of five or more staff

c The manager or full-time employee of the institution does not fall under the immigration law, violation of the prostitution prevention law, gang members etc. (There is more detailed provision)

d Paying the full amount of remuneration to foreigners residing with a "Entertainer" visa based on the contract signed in the past three years.

C. The facility must conform to any of the requirements listed below. However, if a person residing with a visa for "Entertainer" is not other than the applicant at the facility, comply with only "f".

a Facilities for unspecified and numerous customers

b In the case of a facility that operates a business prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the "Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses", it conform to all of the following requirements.

i there are at least 5 employees engaged in customer service.

ii It is recognized that there is no fear of he/she with a "Entertainer" visa for engaging in customer service.

c There must be a stage of more than 13 square meters

d There is a waiting room for performers of 9 square meters or more

e The number of employees of the facility is 5 or more

f The manager and full-time staffs of the institution does not fall under the Immigration Control Act, violation of the prostitution prevention law, gang members etc. (There are more detailed provisions)

One of the following must be conformed.

A. In case, a country of Japan, an institution of a local public organization, a school, a vocational school or various schools host the performance.

B. In the case of a theater sponsored by Japanese public and private organizations established with the aid of the government, local governments or independent administrative agencies for the purpose of contributing to cultural exchange between the country of Japan and foreign countries.

C. In the case of entertainment at a facility with a site area of 100,000 square meters or more which is constantly performing entertainment such as plays in foreign residents in order to attract tourists on the theme of foreign scenes or culture.

D. In cases where do not provide food and drinks at the auditorium for a fee and do not entertain guests (those operated by nonprofit organizations, or those with 100 or more audience seats).

E. when the amount of remuneration obtained in that entertainment is more than 500,000yen per day and when its period is not exceeding 15 days.

Receive compensation equal to or greater than the compensation paid to Japanese

Conforming to All of these blow and receiving compensation equal to or greater than the compensation paid to Japanese

A. Activities related to the promotion of goods or business

B. Broadcasting programs (including cable broadcasting) or activities related to film production

C. Activities involved in photographing commercial photographs

D. Activities to record or record commercial record, video tape or other recording medium

How do I apply?

You can download necessary documents from the Ministry of Justice website.

Activities such as drama, entertainment, singing, dancing, and performing are artistic activities, even it is a art, however visa for these activities is "Entertainer" visa. For example, although the orchestra's activities are artists, but they must have "Entertainer" visa because it aims to let the public or show it.

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Status of Residence "Religious Activities"

What kind of qualification is it?

It is a status of residence that guarantees religious freedom and accepts religious people dispatched from foreign religious organizations.

Who can apply ?

People works at activities such as priests, bishops, missionaries, evangelists, pastors etc. who belong to foreign religious groups and dispatched from that group for recession etc.

Even if he/she is not belonging to a religious organization, he/she can be under the status of residence of "Religious Activities" if he/she is dispatched by a religious organization.

How do I apply?

You can download necessary documents from the Ministry of Justice website.

There are some points to be noted in the application.

If he/she is working as an official at a facility of a religious organization, it is closely related to religious activities such as education, social welfare, sales of goods used for festivals, and only if these are aiming for a business that religious organizations normally do, they are recognized working for religious activities. However, in the case of a manager of a kindergarten at a church, there is a possibility that a "Investor / Business Manager" visa may be applicable.

Even when doing linguistic education, medical care, social work aside from missionary work, it is done as a part of religious activities, and if done with no compensation is religious activity. However, if you want to earn compensation, you will need activities outside your status of qualification.

Activities as believers and activities as chores are not recognized as activities of religion.

Training is not recognized as religious activities.

Even religious activities are not allowed to illegal things that harm others' lives, bodies, etc, or those that harm public welfare.

For wedding courts who receive compensation, religious activities are carried out as part of religious activities based on instructions from overseas religious groups dispatched or dispatched from Japanese religious groups. In the absence of this instruction, it is necessary to obtain activities outside the status of qualification.

In order for a religious visa to be recognized, it must be dispatched to Japan. No religious visa will be permitted for participation in foreign religious groups where the financial resources of the activities are all in Japan.

For religious people who conduct religious activities, it is necessary that facilities that become the base in Japan are established. In this case one room in the hotel will not be recognized as a facility.

There is no remuneration provision for religious visas, but it is necessary to earn rewards that can lead social life in Japan. At this time, remuneration may be either from the dispatch source or from a temporary place.

It is not difficult to apply if both the dispatching agency and the dispatched place are firm and prove that the reward you receive can be a social life in Japan. However, many religious materials are difficult to prove publicly. I also am a pastor, so please feel free to leave it.

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