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Family / Spouse

Here, we will show you how to stay as a family member of a foreigner who is in Japan with a specific visa, "Dependent". And we will explain "spouse of Japanese" who married to a Japanese person, and "spouse of permanent resident" who married a foreigner who is a permanent resident .

Status of Residence "Dependent"

What kind of qualification is it?

It is a visa to accept foreign dependents of foreigner who stay in Japan with a certain status of residence. In a "Dependent" visa, only their dependent spouse or parent can stay in Japan.

Foreigners of "Dependent" visa can receive education at educational institutions, but they do not include activities to manage projects with income and those receiving compensation.

Who can apply?

The conditions are slightly different depending on the visa you have. In case of "Student" visa, a little care is required.

"Diplomat" "Official" "Technical internship" "Temporary Visitor" "Trainee" "Dependent" "Designated Activities" It must be a visa other than them .

In the case of student, within the item of study abroad in the table of ministerial ordinance that defines in the Article 7, paragraph 1, item 2 of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, it is said that the activity falls under item 1 or b of that referred to in paragraph 1.
Specifically, it is limited to activities that receive education at university / vocational school special colleges, technical colleges, etc., or graduate school graduate school that conducts classes at night.

Not knowing well, but in Japanese language schools, high schools, vocational schools and higher education schools, you can not call your family.

In the application, you need to explain properly "to receive dependence".

"To receive dependence" means that dependents are willing to financial support. In addition, in the case of a spouse, in principle, family must live together. In the case of a child, it refers to a state in which the child is under nursing care as a dependent.

"Spouse" refers to those whose marriage has already been effectively kept in law, so discrimination and a morganatic wife is not including. In addition, it does not include those due to same-sex marriage effectively established in a foreign law.
"Child" includes illegitimate children, adopted children and recognized illegitimate children. Even if the child is an adult, it is okay if he/she is dependent.

How do I apply?

List of required documents from the Ministry of Justice website. We will declare the economic condition in the inhabitant tax assessment certificate, but if the income is very small, we need additional document to prove that you can support. Consultation of such special documents is also accepted at our office.

The service of our "Dependent" visa application service is here (New) or here (update and extension)


Japanese spouse etc.

What kind of qualification is it?

Spouse Visa is divided into spouse of permanent resident and spouse of Japanese, but on spouses of permanent resident, we will describe later.

"Visa for Japanese spouse, etc." is a visa that was established to accept spouses of Japanese, special adopted Japanese or born as a child of the Japanese.

Who can apply?

Three provisions are made as follows, Japanese spouse, special adopted child of Japanese, or person born as a child of Japanese.

"Spouse" refers to what is already in marriage relationship, and the person who died or the divorced partner's spouse is not included. In addition, marriage must be a legally effective marriage, not a morganatic spouse.

- Even if a legal marriage is established, the marriage must be that husband and wife cooperate with each other, help each other. Moreover, it is necessary that they live together unless there is a reasonable reason.

- It is said what has a status of a special adopted child in the law. The special adoption is established by the judgment of the family court based on the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 817-2 of the Civil Code. Furthermore, visas are not allowed for general adoption.

- It refers to a Japanese child, including a child born out of wedlock in addition to legitimate children, but adopted children are not included.

· Either father or mother must have Japanese nationality at the time of birth of the child. And it is OK that the father died before the birth of the person. On the other hand, even if the father or mother acquires Japanese nationality after his / her birth, the child is NOT "born as a child of the Japanese".

- Even if the father or mother withdrew from Japanese nationality after his / her birth, it does not affect the fact that the child was born as a child of a Japanese.

- Even if born in a foreign country, it is recognized as being born as a child of the Japanese.

How do I apply?

  From the Ministry of Justice website you can get documents. It is important to explain carefully to the immigration in a reason statement to prove that the couple will live together on social norms.

Our service of the new 'spouse' visa application service is here , extension / change is here !


Spouse of permanent resident etc.

What kind of qualification is it?

It is a visa for a spouse or a child born in Japan of permanent residents and special permanent residents, who continue to stay in Japan.

Who can apply ?

Specifically, the following people fall under the condition.

- "Spouse" refers to who is currently in marriage and does not include those who have died or are divorced. In addition, marriage requires a legally effective marriage, not including those of same sexual marriage effectively established in foreign countries.

- Even if a legal marriage is established, it is necessarily that the husband and wige live together and cooperate with each other. Moreover, in order to say that they are engaged in common lives, it is necessary that they must live together unless there is a reasonable reason.

- In the time of birth, either a father or a mother had a permanent resident's visa, or the father died before the birth and the father with a permanent resident when the father died.

- Even if a father or mother loses a permanent residence after child's birth, it does not affect the fact that you were born as a child of a permanent resident.

- "A child born in Japan" is including a recognized illegitimate children, but an adopted children are not included.

- "Birth in Japan" is necessary. If the mother has been born in a foreign country, such as when she has left the country after receiving a re-entry permission, the child is NOT applicable. At that time, the child must stay with Dependent Visa.

- In general, he/she will apply as a special permanent residence permit pursuant to Article 4 of the special law of immigration control such as those withdrew Japanese nationality under the Peace Treaty with Japan. For those who are unable to do so due to the expiration of the prescribed application deadline, a visa for "spouse of permanent resident etc" will be granted.

- In Article 2, paragraph 2 of the Special Law, "descendants of peace treaty withdrawal from a nationality" means that they are born in Japan as a direct descendant of peace treaty nationality, and are "continued" to stay in Japan. If he/she is permitted special permanent residence under Article 5 of the Special Law, it is necessary to stay in Japan continuously.

How do I apply?

You can get a list of required documents from the website of the Ministry of Justice. It is important to explain that permanent resident 's spouse etc. lives in Japan as a family. Please leave it to me as a specialist !

For our "spouse" visa application service, please see here for NEW application, and here for Extension/Change visa !

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