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Our mission is to support people who are suffering from visa as a expert!

 Our office is  focusing on visa application.

 According to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the population of Japan is expected to reach 80 million by 2060 and the age population of production (15 to 65 years old) is expected to decline to 51%. At that time, the percentage of people aged 65 or over is actually 40%. So the super-super aging society is coming soon.
 The government is planning "300,000 international student plan" and is trying to attract foreign students to Japan. Also, the number of foreign travelers who are so-called "inbounds" is increasing year by year.

 On the other hand, the number of foreign students who have obtained a working visa does not exceed 20,000. According to the survey, it is said that about half of foreign students wishing to get a job in Japan are giving up their jobs for without a visa.

 There are various reasons. Especially, it is important that the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Immigration Control Law") is complicated and difficult.
 Although the Ministry of Justice has issued guidelines on various visas, it is very difficult for a person who has never studied the law to read it.
 Besides, the examiner's judgment criteria are often changed each year. Off course people can also see it by information disclosure request, but it is impossible for the individual to do such a labor.

 Furthermore, we must also consider the special nature of the Immigration office.
 Normally, in administrative procedures, complaints procedures for licensing and approval are guaranteed. However, in the Immigration Control Law, this complaint procedure does not exist. If visa is denied, it will not be obstructed (even if it obviously disobey the law, lawsuit is necessary), you need to re-apply.

 Under such circumstances, we believe that it is our mission to help people suffering and suffering from various visa applications.

 Our job is to guide you for the visa application as an expert of law.

 Visa application is important to affect customer's life. We hope for sharing customer's suffering together, and sharing the joy of visa permission.

 By all means, let us win the pleasure of visa permission!!

Office name J-Garden Gyoseisyoshi Tsuji Office
location 〒169-0075
Shin-Agechi Bld. 2F & 3F, 2-4-12 Takadano-baba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
contact TEL&FAX:03-6279-3823
Representative background University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science : Graduated
Graduate School of Science Physics Doctoral Program Degree : Completed the doctoral program without a doctoral degree
Waseda University Graduate School of Political Science Journalist training Program: left
Japanese language teacher (current)
Pastor at Protestant church (current)

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Our office is a professional dealing with visa application in Japan.

Although you can apply for a visa by yourself even if you do not know the immigration law, the probability that you will receive a visa is very low. Please leave it to us who are familiar with the immigration law and immigration office.


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