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Business Manager / Administration

Status of Residence "Business Manager / Administration"

What kind of qualification is it?

It is a visa to allow foreigners to engage in business management and management work of the project.

It is regarded as an activity to manage trade and other business in Japan or engage in the management of the business.

① To establish an office which is the basis of activities in Japan, to start management of trade and other businesses

② Participate in the management of trade and other business which is already operated in Japan

③ To conduct the management in Japan instead of a former manager.

① To engage in the business that starts business in Japan and manages the business or manages the business.

② To conduct the administration in Japan instead of a former administrator.

To summarize the above, the types of activities that fall under the status of residence of "Business Manager / Administration" are as follows.

A. Activities to start business management in Japan to manage or engage in the management of the business (foreigners themselves make a company and manage themselves)

B. Participate in business already operated in Japan to engage in the management or engage in the management of the business (to enter the company now as a manager)

C. Activities to conduct management or to engage in the management of the business which changed to what business management is done in Japan (at the time of manager change)

Who can apply ?

① A business establishment exists in Japan to conduct business. However, if the project has not been started, facilities to be used as a business to run the business are secured in Japan.

② The size of the project pertaining to the application falls under one of the following

a. In addition to those engaged in the management or management, two or more full-time staff who reside in Japan must be engaged

b. The amount of capital or the total amount of contribution is 5 million yen or more

c. Those that are deemed to be scaled to a,b.

It must be of such a scale that the size of the business can be viewed substantially like a or b. For example, according to a, even if there is only one full-time employee, it will be accepted if it is operated by dropping the expenses required to engage another official. It is generally said that the cost is 2.5 million yen.

In conformity with b, if you are planning to start a business in the form of a private business, it is necessary that 5 million yen of funds are invested for the project. It is necessary to prove that the total amount of salary and necessary expenses of employees securing and hiring business sites exceeds 5 million.

Generally, the debt of the company is not immediately invested, but if there are special circumstances such as personal compensation for the borrowing money, it may be regarded as investment of the person himself/herself.

③If the applicant intends to engage in the management of the project, he/she must have at least 3 years experience in business management (including periods preceding courses involving management at graduate schools in Japan and overseas). And receive compensation equal to or greater than that of Japanese.

A. the management activities are carried out under a "single" management entity in a certain place, that is, one section

B. the production or provision of property and services is carried out continuously with others and equipment.

How do I apply?

You can download necessary documents from the Ministry of Justice website.

In application, it is necessary to apply it to the law in terms of its applicability to management / administration work.

Especially at the time of application, the applicant has not participated in the work yet, so from the concrete nature of the project contents, the background of the project, etc., a detailed explanation is required.

There are various conditions in securing business establishments. Basically a form like a virtual office is NOT allowed.

As a judgment of business continuity, management status is an important point. Especially when it is in deficit for the second consecutive term, a very careful investigation will be done. It is a short cut to ask an administrative scrivener, which is one of the tasks to create an accounting table.

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