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New Visa application

We support companies, school and organizations etc. when calling foreigners. Until the end, we will back up in full!

New visa application

What is an order of the application service?

Normally, we will proceed with application in the following order. If you have any questions, please tell me each time.

1. Interview

First of all, you will have an opportunity to discuss with me, and have time to consider and understand whether there is any problem for "New Visa" application.
I am aiming for a convincing time for solving various problems, such as whether it is possible to call in the first place, which visa to call, what kind of procedure should be taken, and so on. It is also a very useful time to prepare a reason statement.
I think that it is possible for people who are more than half a year for smooth application, so please consult as soon as possible.

We will give you an estimate of the amount of fee through this interview, so I would be pleased if you would consider it.
With an discussion of about an hour, if you decide to undertake it, you will sign a mandate and immediately start moving towards the application.

2. Document acquisition

Based on the mandate agreement, collect necessary documents.
In normal cases, I can collect and create documents in two to three weeks.

It may take a long period of time for materials to be prepared to be brought to a foreign national who will call for it to arrive.
In addition, there are also materials that the company side will issue such as contracts with foreigners. I will claim it each time.

3. Apply to Immigration

With my prepared documents, I will go to the immigration office. Please wait for you with confidence.  
Once accepted, the standard New Visa appraisal will be between 3 months.

In the meantime, you may be asked for additional materials from immigration. Of course, I will support it as well.

4. Result announcement

If the visa is permitted, you send it to a your employee and wait for him/her to come to Japan.

If a result of non-permission comes out, you must go to the immigration to ask the reason. It is best that you and I will go to the immigration office together, listen to the reasons and hold down the points for reapplying.
Of course, even I alone can hear the reason, but you can understand firmly the reasons for non-permission through listening together, and can be prepared to re-apply (provided, however, for courses going to the immigration by yourself, I can not go to ask the reason for permission together). Of course, I do not receive fee for re-application !

5. Aftercare

it is not over if you get the Visa, next will be extension.
Also, if he/she becomes a managerial position, he/she may change to business management Visa. And if he/she works in Japan for 10 years, it will be an opportunity to challenge Permanent residents.

Please leave aftercare on various visas.

How much is the fee?

Visa obtained Fee Remarks
Working 7 to 90,000 yen
(commission, tax included)
It changes according to the relationship between the job function
and the specialty of the foreigner and the category of the company
Business management 15 - 250,000 (tax included) Compensation will change depending on the stability of the project
Family 5 - 100,000 (tax included) Please consult special cases
such as unrecognized child etc.
Researcher ·Instructor · Professor 7 - 90,000 (tax included) It depends on the educational background
of the foreigner and the category of the school.
Artist · Entertainer · Religion 7 - 150,000 (tax included) on a case by case
150,000 will not exceed
Consultation only: 10,000 yen (1 hour), telephone consultation: Free
If you go to the immigration by yourself, -20,000 OFF

Fee estimation example:
Interview 20,000 yen (2h) + Create reason paper etc. 20,000 yen (2h) +
Application to immigration 30,000 yen  = 70,000 yen

Legal special work: 10,000 yen/hour

It is necessary to adapt the law to the expertise of foreign applicants and the relevance of jobs at companies.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare an application form with interviews and surveys properly.

Although it is generally difficult to obtain a visa at a restaurant such as a ramen shop, when you call as a manager, applications may be passed, so please contact us.

Regarding business management visas, it is the key how much business in Japan is being prepared. We also have to submit documents certifying management stability, so we need to prepare a statement of calculation and create a reason sheet. Since difficulty of application changes on a case by case basis, please consult us once.

This price is reasonable amount in the Immigration Lawyer office (average compensation is 104,000) which opened in Tokyo and specialized in immigration service.The average remuneration nationwide in 2015 was 120,000 yen .

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the courses to be submitted to immigration by yourself.

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About Us

Our office is a professional dealing with visa application in Japan.

Although you can apply for a visa by yourself even if you do not know the immigration law, the probability that you will receive a visa is very low. Please leave it to us who are familiar with the immigration law and immigration office.


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