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Permanent resident / naturalized

Here we explain "Permanent resident" who can have various rights such as staying in Japan without updating visa, and "Naturalization" who become Japanese citizen and have nationality and voting rights.

Status of Residence "Permanent resident"

What kind of qualification is it?

Permanent resident is a status of residence without restrictions on employment activities. In terms of employment, it is treated exactly the same as Japanese. In Japan, you can do all the work including simple labor work.

In addition, there is no deadline for visa, so you can also apply for various benefits from the administration. It will be easy to organize home purchase loans of more than 10 years.

Who can apply ?

Permanent residents have a very ambiguous definition that "the Minister of Justice recognizes permanent residence".

The requirements described in Immigration Control Law are as follows. However, spouses and children of Japanese and permanent residents are OK without all these requirements.

It is NOT applicable to ANY of the following.

a. Something that has been imprisoned, imprisoned without work or fined in violation of Japanese laws and regulations. Provided, however, that in the case of receiving a person who is subject to the provision of extinguishment of punishment or suspension of execution, the period of elapse has elapsed without being canceled by the suspended sentence of execution, and when another five years have elapsed thereafter, Not applicable.
b. Continued protective measures under the juvenile law
c. Special circumstances that are not recognized as good workers, such as repeated illegal acts or disorderly acts in daily life and social life.

The foreigner is not a public burden in everyday life, and the person's life has stabilized in the future from the viewpoint of the person's occupation or the assets owned. The foreigner does not receive welfare protection and need to be recognized whether he can live by himself in the present and in the future. "

Also, this requirement applies not only to the applicant himself, but also to a household unit that lives together. Therefore, if there are many children, the amount of annual income required is high, and if it is less than that, you will need to explain the balance of household income.

Must match ALL of the following.

a. To be recognized as residing as a member of Japanese society for a long time.

i. The foreigner stays in Japan for over 10 years. However, within the period of 10 years or more, it is necessary to stay in Japan for at least 5 years with employment qualification or residence qualification.
ii. The foreigner has residence status with the longest period of stay for the current status of residence.

b. Be strict observance of laws and regulations, including fulfilling public obligations such as tax obligation.
c. There is no fear of being harmful from the viewpoint of public health
d. It is recognized that there is no fear of doing acts that seriously harm the public interest
e. The foreigner does nor become a public burden.

Among the above requirements, there are also more special cases. For example, spouses of a Japanese / permanent resident or a special permanent resident, a child, a special adopted child etc., these requirements may be easy.

How do I apply?

From the Ministry of Justice website You can download necessary documents. However, the document written here is the minimum necessary, and it is necessary to attach various additional materials such as a reason statement to prove that it meets the three examination criteria, household finance letter, etc. . If you are challenging for permanent residence application, please contact to our office by all means.

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Naturalization to Japan

What kind of qualification is it?

Naturalization is to change your nationality to "Japanese nationality". Even if you acquire permanent residence, permanent residence will not change that you are a foreigner.
So, permanent residents are not restricted to residence activities, but if they fall under forced eviction reasons they will be subject to forced removal. Also, of course, voting rights are not admitted, and the residence card system and re-entry procedure are necessary.

On the other hand, since naturalization means becoming a Japanese, you can acquire a Japanese passport, create a family register, and you have voting rights and no re-entry procedures.

By the way, foreigners apply for permanent residence to the Immigration Bureau, but since naturalization is applied to the Legal Affairs Bureau, please think that it is totally different property.

Who can apply?

Regarding the conditions of naturalization, it is stipulated not by the Immigration Control Act but by the Nationality Law.

- Having an address in Japan for at least 5 years
- Over 20 years old.
- Being a good person
- Being able to live by the property or skill of a spouse or other relative living by theirself.
- Having no nationality or Anything to lose their nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality.
- NO attempting to destroy the Japanese constitution or the government established under it by violence after the day of enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, or Do not assert or have formed a political party or any other organization that attempts or claims this, or has not joined it

For foreigners who have a special relationship with Japan and who currently have an address in Japan, Even if they do not have the other conditions, the Minister of Justice may give permission for naturalization.

- A child who was a Japanese citizen and has an address or residence in Japan for at least 3 years
- Born in Japan Person who has an address or residence in Japan for more than 3 years, or whose father or mother was born in Japan
- Person who has a residence in Japan for at least 10 years

This is a mitigation provision for spouses of the Japanese citizens, and even in such cases you can also permit naturalization.

- As a foreign national who is a spouse of the Japanese citizen, they has been residing or residing in Japan for more than 3 years and is currently in Japan Person possessed
- Foreign nationals who are spouses of the Japanese citizen 3 years have passed since the date of marriage and those who continue to have an address in Japan for more than one year

Loosening of the condition on naturalization, the age over 20 years old, living conditions

- A child of a Japanese citizen who has an address in Japan
- As an adopted Japanese citizen, he/she will continue to have an address in Japan for more than 1 year and he/she who was a juvenile under home country law at the time of marriage.
- A person who has lost Japanese nationality (excluding those who have lost their nationality after naturalizing) and who has an address in Japan.
- Those born in Japan and having no nationality from the time of birth and having Japanese address for more than 3 years from that time.

For foreigners who have special praise in Japan, the Minister of Justice shall notify the foreign national who has special merit in Japan under Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Nationality Act Regardless of the provision, he/she can approve the naturalization with the approval of the Diet.

To obtain naturalization, you must obtain permission from the Minister of Justice. The applicant must appear at the Legal Affairs Bureau or the Regional Legal Affairs Bureau that has jurisdiction over the address of the person.
In the case of naturalization application, documents to be submitted by individuals are quite different so it is desirable to consult with the Legal Affairs Bureau prior to application.

At our office, we start by going to the Legal Affairs Division and receiving consultation with you.

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