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Q. Is it difficult to transfer to a different Japanese language school? Jun 02, 2021

Q. Is it difficult to transfer to a different Japanese language school?

A.Yes, transferring between Japanese language schools is extremely difficult.

A Japanese language school is like the first gate that international students come through when they come to Japan.

After learning Japanese at a Japanese language school, students usually go on to universities or vocational schools (Senmon-gakko), or if they already have a bachelor's degree, they find a job.

However, unlike other schools, it is quite rare and difficult to transfer from one Japanese language school to another.

Let's take a look at the reasons why this is the case, and what conditions must be met in order to transfer schools.

1、The basic rule is to return to your home country immediately after leaving the school

Japanese language schools are under the jurisdiction of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Agency (Immigration Bureau).
Japanese language schools are entrusted by the Immigration Bureau to manage the residency of foreign students, and are in a position to supervise them.

If a certain number of students from a Japanese language school go missing, the school will be held responsible.
In the worst case scenario, the school's approval as a Japanese language school may be revoked.

Because of these circumstances, Japanese language schools have their very lives in the hands of the Immigration Bureau.

Therefore, when a student is about to drop out of school, the Japanese language school becomes very anxious.

If a student drops out, they really want them to go back to their home country immediately and do not do something else in Japan.
When a student transfers to a new school for some reason, it often means that the student is about to drop out of that school, so the school may ask the student to return home instead of transferring.

The Japanese language school you are transferring from cannot afford to have a student who is unsure of where he or she is going be expelled and transferred to another school.

2、The receiving Japanese language school does not like trouble either

The same can be said for the receiving Japanese language school.
Transferring from one Japanese language school to another is very rare, and there is a high possibility that a student with a problem will come to the school.
If there is trouble, the school will naturally get angry with the Immigration Bureau.

Therefore, from the viewpoint of preventing troubles, there are many Japanese language schools which say that they do not accept transfer students at all.

This is a business decision of the school, so it is not something you can complain about.
It means that you need to be patient and look for a Japanese language school to transfer to.

3、Then, when is it acceptable to transfer to a different Japanese language school?

First of all, the original attendance rate must be high.

A low attendance rate is a major factor that prevents the renewal of the "Student" status of residence.
And a low attendance rate means that the student is more likely to have the problem of over working, something that.

Therefore, your attendance rate should be at least 80% and usually over 90%.
Of course, it would be better if there is some other reason for the low attendance (illness, etc.), but even if so, it will be difficult to transfer to another school.

Then there is the question of whether or not the Japanese language school you are transferring from will give you a transfer permit.
In general, the reason for the transfer is written on the letter, but in some cases, nothing is written.

It would be smoother to ask the school to issue the transfer permit after you have decided on your new school.
As mentioned in "1" above, the school you are transferring to wants you to go home if you have not decided on your future.

If you do not know that there is a good chance that you will be able to transfer to this school, you will not be able to feel secure.

This transfer permit is also an essential document for the Japanese language school you are transferring to.
This is because it is an important document to show to the Immigration Bureau.

Since transferring to a new school is a very unusual procedure, the Immigration Bureau will want to know the reason for the change.

Therefore, it is necessary to prove that you have gone through the proper procedures with the transfer permit to reassure them.

4、 In the conclusion, can you reassure all three parties?

In conclusion, the key point is whether or not you can reassure the three parties: the Japanese language school you transferred from, the Japanese language school you transferred to, and the Immigration Bureau. That is the important point.

In order to do this, you need to have a high attendance rate and a transfer permit (is there a proper reason for the transfer or not).

Transferring to a different Japanese language school is not an impossible procedure, but it is a very difficult one.

First of all, you have to look for a school that you can transfer to, and if you find a school that you can transfer to and consult with, you have to go through the process of getting a transfer permit from your original school.

In this process, deep communication is absolutely essential.

Now, I have explained why it is difficult to transfer from one Japanese language school to another.

If you have to transfer to a new school for any reason, I hope you will understand the reasons why it is difficult, and consider a transfer that will make all parties feel at ease.

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